February 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Our friend Matt from Beer Swill Productions is giving his Hardboiled poetry / spoken word sessions another run this year, basically an open mic show where you can turn up, read your words to the audience and the best on the night walks away with the booty (prize that is, remember, we’re talking about poets here).

A couple years back I’d knocked together a few posters for him (there’s one in my design section), but it was high time for something new (or, so I thought anyway) and since I’m on something of a drawing kick at the moment, I figured I’d go with the pen this time around.

This one I drew a lot larger than previous works, A3 size, to allow a little more detail.

Don’t fret about all that positive space laying around all empty and such, these parts will be filled in with text … the grappler is forcing the grapplee to submit through tortuously bad poetry; the words will fill these spaces. The grapplee will also have words of protest where they fit. Now I just have to write some bad poetry … which should be a cinch; the one or two I have written in my years were excruciable.

I’m going to give some thought to the colour scheme as well and then block it in with Illustrator, perhaps throw in a little shadow, and get to work on the overall poster design early next week, and I’ll keep you kids in the know and post new developments when they’re done.


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  • pencilhead1 says:

    Oh hey Matt was telling me about this the other day, I think we might end up making stencils out of them too. He also wants to use a sandwich board ha ha ha, expect some interesting pix at some point..

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