Hardboiled, and the One-Armed Barista

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Endlich! The Hardboiled poster is finally done … after pfaffing around with it for way too long I decided I should take one of the proposed versions and polish it to completion. Contrary to my earlier promises, I didn’t end up filling the empty spaces with text: gave it a shot but it was simply too busy and distracting, but Matt did give me a couple of short lines (there in the speech bubble) to use and frankly, there’s enough text as it is.

The reference to the “grey flannel period” comes from Sloan Wilson’s book The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, which J assures me is a masterwork of corporate disillusionment. I’ll get onto it as soon as I finish this one about the Rockerfeller family, because that really sounds like my bag, especially after recently finishing Vonnegut’s Player Piano

In other news, I had my first shift at work since my boaking accident and as it turns out, one can make coffee with only 80% finger usability. Stunning! So as of tomorrow I’ll be back at the cafe as per usual. The bandages and support cast will be on for at least another week and a half, then a little physiotherapy and hopefully all will be back to normal; which means of course, more drawing and hi-fiving.

Speaking of Pictoplasma (which we weren’t, but we are now), J and I checked out a few of the exhibitions that are part of this year’s Festival. Don’t know what Pictoplasma is? Look it up … shouldn’t take you long because you are clearly already on the internet … ok, boned up now? After thoroughly enjoying last year’s enormous exhibition at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, we took the chance to wander around Mitte and visit as many galleries that hosted exhibitions for the festival as possible. To be fair, there was a lot of dreck on show, but we did find some real gems … personally, I recommend McBess and Rilla Alexander, both are mind bogglingly awesome. Anyhow, I found both the good and the bad stuff inspiring in many different ways, and have walked away with a few ideas of what to do with my scribbles …

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