Bolshevik Legoland / powerviolence

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have a tonne of photos that have been shelved, as they seemed to have no immediate value to my critical eye upon first glance. Sometimes I like to look through them and find the hidden gems that shine through. OK OK so, these aren’t exactly “gems” but, I’ve found a couple that at least I like. First one is the view from our spare bedroom in winter; a stunning example of GDR architecture. Next one is of Henry Fonda, Berlin’s reigning kings of powerviolence, who opened for Extortion at Koma F (the place for hardcore shows in this town). I know it looks like Tom is punching the singer from A Bit of Braindead in the teeth, but what you can’t see in the photo is that he is in fact offering the mic for a little singalong. Not argy-bargy, rather inspiring a sense of community. That’s how they roll here, and I dig it. I had a quick chat with Tom once out the front of Lokal and he offered me a few schlucks of his beer, now in my book, that is nice.

Summer is here. Wild. I almost forgot what hot weather was like. Now I remember: sweaty. We’re off to Dresden this weekend to hang out with our pal Stefan and I’m envisioning shorts, flip flops and beer. And more sweating. Sounds groovy.

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