What about Skype?

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, what about it?

Anyways, I’d cracked open my sketch pad a little while back and found a half finished redraw of one of my old Office Zombies, the one my brother Josh had really dug on, and decided to get it finished. I made a few changes, of course adding in a lot more detail, cleaning up parts I didn’t like and J suggested the nudie tie. I’ve never really seen a nudie tie before, or at least, one that I can remember that well, so I just, you know, went with it man. Right on.

And if you were to think I’m ripping off Yoshitomo Nara, you’d be wrong. Build a bridge. Get over it. Perhaps there is a little subconscious influence, but it’s not at all intentional. Also, if you thought I’d ever get tired of drawing zombies, you’d be even wronger. Dead wrong. Pun intended.

So Josh, this one’s for you … keep checking back too brozef, I have something else lined up for you that I’m gonna splash onto a t-shirt. It ties in with the graffiti you put up in our elevator which coincidentally, is still there.

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