I remember … Torstraße

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking about our time in Berlin lately, and the places that I used to frequent a lot, and places that meant a lot to me. One place that filled both checks is Torstraße. Not only did it have Baiz Cafe, my favourite Linkekneipe, arguably Berlin’s finest döner (Rosenthaler Grill), the cafe / laundromat where I had my first job, our supermarket, kiosk, our friend Andreas’ apartment, but it also led off to where I had my second job, Schokoladen (where I saw the Grey Daturas play once), a cornucopia of street art (including a few pieces from one of my favourite artists, El Bocho), the pub where I watched soccer with Olli, the U-Bahn stop named after one of the ladies we named our daughter upon (Rosa-Luxembourgplatz), heaps of late shops and too many other things to list.

That sentence was getting way too long anyways.

The spot on Torstraße with the most momentous significance for me though, was Deathless. Years ago on my first trip to Berlin, I dropped into this skateshop / street art gallery just out of chance, and saw this German girl with flame red hair and a blindingly bright smile, perched on a leather chair. Leap forward a few years and we’re married, and living in a Plattenbau at the junction that marks the start of that same street. Crazy stuff, nö?

It was one of those places that was a part of our everyday life in the three years we lived there, which rendered it a little ho hum at times for me (I don’t tend to smell the roses on the way to work, especially at 5.30am in the snow) but despite that, and the Hipster epidemic that seems to fester around that area, I’m still terribly fond of the place …



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