Are you lokal?

February 14, 2014 § Leave a comment


Random photo post, in an attempt to maintain my promise to myself to post more regularly. Not a new year resolution by any stretch of the imagination or anything like that, just a promise to be more productive this year. That, and I was listening to SEX/VID in the car the other day.

SEX/VID at Lokal, Berlin Mitte in …. some … time … 2010. Ish. Yeah, that sounds about right. Awesome show. Ear-shatteringly, uneasy listening indeed. Unfortunately Lokal was shut down shortly afterwards, and became the new home for the CCCP Bar.

Personally, I think these shots came out quite well, considering I had to hold my Nikon F50 over the heads of the attendant Vice Squad, and considering it’s a film camera, I had no damn clue how these were turning out on the night: equal first place on the podium for dumb luck and pleasant surprises.

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