Damn you, Alan Parsons …

April 29, 2014 § Leave a comment


Recently I took Rosa down to Port Adelaide for a quick photo tour. Time to enjoy the last of the warm weather while it lasts to hopefully stave off the impending cabin fever a little.

The sun was doing that weird thing again … you know that one, where it has some kind of ring around it? Damned if I know what that’s all about, but do feel free to enlighten me if you’re in the know. And blast my prog-rock soundtracked childhood but I just couldn’t get the Alan Parsons Project out of my head for the rest of the day; yes, there’s far worse music to have plague your consciousness but I never need to hear Eye in the Sky ever again. Ever. Anyhow, after pushing stuck-song syndromes aside I tried my best to capture this phenomena: the first shot is the side of the art supplies store on Commercial Road, and the second is a little further down on Lipson Street.

We wrappd up the day with a babycino and a long black at Red Lime …. best place to get coffee in Port Adelaide, without a doubt. If you’re in the area, do it.

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