Crawling through Hellvetica Neue

July 25, 2014 § Leave a comment



My new obsession: Swans.

Harry Butler had given me a copy of all their material to date around six years ago and I’d never even listened to it. IDIOT. And then Thad turns up to work wearing the same Filth shirt Jon Kortland had on at the Iron Lung show earlier this year (that was this ……. year ………….. right? Whatever. It’s a great shirt and I want one) and it got me thinking about those CDs which, I found by coincidence the other day. Call it coincidence, fate, kisma, whatever, the main point is I randomly threw Soundtracks for the Blind on the other day and got myself turned upside down in a serious fashion. Now I’ve got another 16 CDs to get through, if I could just stop skipping back on Helpless Child.

In a five minute gap at work yesterday, I dialled up Illustrator and hammered out an idea I’d had forming for a few days.

Anything is possible in five minutes, when you only ever use one font. In my book, Helvetica Neue is still the Chuck Norris of typefaces.

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