Mermaid modesty / Warschauerstraße

December 20, 2014 § Leave a comment


Loving it, being back in Germany and especially Berlin, where FKK reigned supreme behind the Iron Curtain but the mermaids still retain some modesty. Just out of interest, in the background is the word “Holzwaren”, which if you can understand German, may add to the humour. Or not. I don’t know. I’m no comedian so, don’t ask me.

And then the view from the platform at Warschauerstraße station, on the way to Bis Aufs Messer to get my birthday present on (picked up some Pharmakon, Pig Heart Transplant, Punch and the Melt Banana / Chung split, as well as a nifty Henry Fonda shirt). Soooo good to be back in my favourite record shop of all time. Haven’t been there? Then pull your finger out and get to it … also picked up the Swans Filth reprint, Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy 12″ and finally got my hands on Depeche Mode’s Violator. Good times buddy, good times …

So yeah, enjoying our trip back to ze Vaterland, the girls are having a great time despite the crummy-ass weather. But I no complain. I got records.

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