This is my serious face

January 18, 2015 § Leave a comment



I mean that as no disrespect; just attempting to be clever .. see, this is a statue of Ernst Thälmann, who led the Communist Party in the era of the Weimar Republic who was detained by the Gestapo and executed by the nazis. He’s something of a big deal in Germany. Anyway, so, the word ernst in German, can mean “serious” so, that’s where my word association brought me.

Ernst’s statue (or, denkmal oof Deutsch) sits directly opposite our friend Olli’s apartment and I had admired it often when we lived in Berlin, again when we stayed with Olli in December. This photo was taken on a stroll to Ernst Thälmann Park, and we even saw a squirrel which for me is just one of the coolest things ever. Squirrels rule.

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