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Whilst down in Port Adelaide (is there any other way to be, in Port Adelaide … apart from down? Ehh …) I discovered that Wonderwalls is happening down that way this weekend. Wonderwalls is an interactive street art festival taking place over the weekend with artists not only from Australia, but also boasting some pedigree international guests.

I’d noticed that two of the bigger pieces were already underway. Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt, better known as ETAM CRU (top) were working on the eastern wall of 293 St. Vincent Street, and simultaneously on the western side, New Zealand’s ASKEW ONE and Elliot Francis Stewart (bottom) were braving the sun, getting their piece up, so I sauntered down to get some WIP shots.

There are loads more, which I may or may not jam into Flickr (I only have so much space left): we’re going down again on Sunday to viddy the finished pieces so, that means, there will be loads more photos. Oh, you know it. I’d just thought I’d get these in early …

You know, it’s great to see something like this happening in the Port, combined with last years St Jerome’s Laneway Festival taking place at Hart’s Mill, local arts festivals, boutique living spaces being developed in the backstreets and Renew Adelaide’s interest in the area; however, the Change still just doesn’t seem to take root. With all this happening, the Port is still somewhat derelict, depressing and more than a bit Mad Max at times (shit, even the Salvation Army packed up and split). Don’t get me wrong, that’s character and the pieces from Wonderwall will definately spruce the joint up a bit but, is it enough? On the other hand, do we want the Port gentrified in the first place? Can there be a happy balance? Oh so many questions … and no time to answer them. All I know is, we’ll be there with bells on come Sunday (I’m especially keen to see ORDER55’s input), see you there punk …


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