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Schokoladen, Berlin

Schokoladen, Berlin

Schokoladen, Berlin

Köpi, Berlin

Welcome to a brand new phenomena I call “Photo Lucky Dip”, in which I select (at random) a roll of film from my collection of unmarked cannisters. This film gets dropped off to be developed during my break at the cafe on Saturday, and collected at the end of the shift. Then comes the exciting part …

Surprise! The inaugural lucky dip yields some interesting results … actually, I was beginning to wonder where this one went. First off we have Australian noise/post rock band Grey Daturas rattling the walls at Schokoladen (SCHOKOLADEN BLEIBT) in Berlin Mitte. Good show that, although the opening band were so pedestrian that I actually fell asleep standing up. No kid.

Lastly, it’s a shot from Limpwrist’s show at Köpi in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Usually bands played in Koma F, the bar down in the basement, but this had promised to be a much bigger affair so the show was in the old ballroom. I had to scramble up onto one of the speaker stacks to get this shot, and it was so damn hot in there that my lens had just about fogged up completely.


What’s it going to be next week? Nobody knows! THAT’S THE EXCITING PART OF IT ALL, THE ANTICIPATION … OH I CAN BARELY SIT DOWN.


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