The kids are alright.

April 18, 2015 § Leave a comment


It’s International Record Store Day, hoooray! So to coincide, I thought I’d review my latest purchase … nevermind that I picked it up a good few weeks ago, better late than never. and all that.

So. Port Adelaide’s markets sometimes yield bitchin’ results … whilst most of the record bins are haunted by your parent’s tastes, a good (and persistent) dig can be worth your while. For example, I ended a search lasting almost a decade for a copy of Nancy and Lee: I’d been hunting that since living in Melbourne a looong time ago, and I found it in Port Adelaide (without even having stepped in Porthole)! Daaamn. Not to mention, it only cost me $6, and I’ve hammered that one, a lot. But a little while back, I come across this

I had no idea it existed and wasn’t totally sure if was even real … but it felt real. Smelled real. It tasted real. And it is … indeed … real. Scary, but real. With recent events revolving around the Cosby universe held firmly in mind, something about this just doesn’t feel quite right. But that is now, and this was then so, let’s keep these things separate.

Firstly, one thing that really caught my eye was Bill’s face … it just leaps out of the cover at you with it’s sharp focus, in contrast to his cohort of fuzzy tykes loitering on the steps of that brownstone. Hey, you live here? Wanna get inside? WELL, FIRST YOU GOTTA BREAK THROUGH THIS CORDON OF OUT OF FOCUS CHILDREN. But breathe easy champ, they’ve been hanging out with Bill Cosby and he’s doing his darndest to keep them clean, so they’re most likely not ripped on pills, or jonesing for a fix and going straight for your wallet and jugular vein.

Where was I? Ohh right, the face … so this is clearly before Photoshop. The art director has clucked his tongue over Bill’s expression and had the designer slap a substitute mug over it and that could’ve taken ages with one of those old repro cameras. But all that aside, if you’re gonna replace the face, pick one that has the same light angles.

Please. People like me notice these things.

This cost me $8, but I’ve seen it on eBay for about $50. BARGAIN. And the look of disappoinment on the face of the girl who sold it to me was so priceless, I didn’t even feel the need to haggle.

So onto the LP itself … where to start? It is what you would expect really, Bill Cosby: talking. To kids. About drugs. And it is indeed educational, for example, I’ve learned what Proud Mary is from people that were kids over 40 years ago. I also now know what uppers and downers are, and through the creative techniques of the producers, I now understand the effects of them (uppers; music goes fast. Downers; music goes slow … doye). This album out-funks the Mar Keys (many people have referred to it as being “jazzy” but, not being an expert, I can still see the differences between jazz and funk), is dreadfully hilarious (uninentionally, I assume) and may just come in handy for when Rosa gets older and we need to have The Talk. This is gonna save me some time. Nice. In summation tho, this isn’t dinner music, nor party music although, it might go over at a party, like gimmick records tend to do. And while it may have altruistic intentions, it is just that … a gimmick record. Good for a quick, cheap laugh before heading into more serious party territory like Gary Glitter, Herbie Hancock or Deicide.


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