Synth you came into my life / Polyphonic-tri-state-killing-Spree

August 25, 2015 § 7 Comments


I know, I know … it’s about time I’ve posted something. But, you know, I have been busy … busy with this thing here.

Recently I’d posted a shot of our noise setup with the microKORG, the synth I was going to buy from my friend Rhys. I really liked it, but simply for the fact that it doesn’t sequence meant that it wasn’t much use to me: a synth that could record and store loops and just run in the background would enable me to fiddle around with other equipment. And that’s where the Volca Keys comes in … and it’s only a quarter of the size of the microKORG.

It’s pretty tiny, but pretty powerful and has that lovely warm, hissy analog sound that KORG do nicely. The only thing is, it lacks a proper output and needs something to pre-amp it when I plug it into the mixer … I’ve run a 3.5mm cord from the headphone socket into a 1/4″ adaptor, patched it through the Big Muff (which adds more warmth and dirties up the sound something fierce) and into the mixer. It did boost it a fair bit, but I may need an overdrive or maybe even an EQ pedal to really push it up.

The noise loop has been heavily modified too .. the Death Metal now sits at the end, and I’ve used both outputs to split it into the Aux Returns, and into another distortion pedal which then gets plugged into a channel. This adds a lot more roar, and gives me some extra control: even enabling me to totally shut off the loop when needed. Nice!

I also got the Caline Snake Bite Reverb in the mail, and that thing is incredible … I’ve been running a handmade contact mic through it (that’s the thing with the red heatshrink on it): with the Decay knob on full, and the gain at maximum, it doesn’t even need any added distortion, as it already sounds like your head is exploding. Magic.

There’s still a couple of things that we need to have it all complete … but that’ll come later. Now we need to get onto making some tape loops and manipulations, and we should have a tape together sometime soonish.

Also, forgive me for the twin titles here but, I really couldn’t decide which I liked better. So, lucky you: you get both.

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