Dusty fingers

September 29, 2015 § Leave a comment


Had an unexpected day off on Friday, so I ventured out to hit up the second hand shops in the area, hunting down my new golden fleeces.

I have something of a mini-mixer coming in the post this week (a Realistic 4-channel stereo microphone mixer to be exact), and the plan is to hook up four cassette players (preferably something small, ideally a Walkman or similar) to the mixer and run tape loops through it, allowing me to blend, overlay and fade in and out drone loops. For that though, I’m still hunting the cassette players which are proving surprisingly difficult to locate (I could pay $45 a piece or so for Walkmans on Gumtree or eBay but … ehm … no). Also tricky to locate are those old loop cassettes that were used in old answering machines, that stored the outgoing message. These are purpose-built loops that allow for up to 90 seconds of play, and would be great to use since the one tape loop I’ve attempted to DIY refuses to cooperate with me, despite my best efforts. I’ve tried all kinds of things; coercion, bribery, even yelling at it, but no sausage. Big, big sigh.

And so, I continue to a) begin sentences with “and” and b) search. Ah, what the hell, I like second hand shops, even if all I ever walk away with is dusty fingers and potential lung functionality disorders. As an aside however, if anyone out there has any old answering machine outgoing message/announcement tapes: hit me up. I’m all ears. Thanks.

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