May 1, 2017 § Leave a comment

Happy May Day everyone! Instead of going to Kreuzburg and throwing rocks at advancing lines of riot police and getting my recommended daily intake of tear gas, today I have released NACHBARN / UNIFORMITÄT, themed around ‘Plattenbau’, the pre-fabricated concrete apartment blocks introduced to address the mass housing issue in the former GDR.

Constructed from a simple loop created with a contact mic and a toy drum and recorded onto a KAOSS Pad, the loop was abused and manipulated through an overly, and perhaps unnecessarily complicated feedback loop. Everything is in it’s unedited, raw state complete with glaring errors and painfully abrupt endings. That’s how I roll.

This will be released on cassette, one day, as soon as I get my head around that.

Enjoy, or don’t. Preferably consumed AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE, otherwise you’ll miss any subtle intricacies that may have accidentally wound in there.



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