Growing pains

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Let's Grow

Let’s Grow at Koma F, Kreuzberg, Berlin. A while back.

I know I’m just posting photos at the moment, but there are other things in the works that I’ll put up when they’re done, or underway, whatever. In the meantime enjoy an unpublished shot of one of Serbia’s finest hardcore bands … looking forward to getting my Nikon F50 back, and this time I promise to remove the lens guard that keeps blocking out so much of the flash.

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Windowsill chillPimpin' ain't easy

1st of May celebrations, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Alex Eiffel

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Alexanderplatz, Berlin


Bolshevik Legoland

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Bolshevik Legoland / 02

Plattenbau in Wedding, Berlin

Kool (Aid) and the Gang

April 30, 2016 § 4 Comments


I’m definitely thinking stickers, but maybe also on a t shirt or tote bag. We’ll see.

Interesting fact: they used Flavour Aid rather than Kool Aid, simply because it was cheaper. Figures.

Typeface is Mrs. Monster Regular by Iconian Fonts.

Serious face, round 2

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Back in Berlin, and loving it … living across the road from Ernst Thalmann Park for the time being and diggin’ on the squirrels. Aus dem Weg, ich bin Chirurg und muss nach Brandenburg.

Who needs an apartment, anyway?

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Um, actually, we do …