Run for your goddamned life …

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This is my contribution to the KILLER NOISE Australian / German 6-way split, out now through LOW LIFE / HIGH VOLUME, download and CDs are available right ((( here )))

You can also download my track from my Bandcamp. There are still two physical copies left over, if you’re keen … just hit me up.

Thanks to Daniil from LL / HV for allowing me to get in on this, and especially big thanks to ROSAAARGH for her invaluable assistance.


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T-shirt and sticker design for TRIGGER CUT, a new noise-rock band from Stuttgart, rising from the ashes of Buzz Rodeo.

Colour is yet undecided, but Rosa seemed to like red best. So I’m posting the red variation.

Get down, get down …

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Kind of like the Popemobile, this is “faith in action”.

If willing, you may find it here. Enjoy: or don’t.

Fun fact: many refer to the use of Kool Aid to disseminate the cyanide, but the People’s Temple actually opted for the cheaper variant, Flavouraid. Because, you know, Communists are usually pretty short on clams.

We don’t need no thought control

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Some walls are essential. I regard the ones enclosing our apartment to be of the highest importance, especially in winter. But some are just plain ridiculous. Like this one.

Schloss damit!

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Sommerpalais, Dresden.

Things to come

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Locals expressing dismay at the preceding events to occur on 1 May on Bernauerstrasse, Berlin.


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Rosa, at Walpurgisnacht celebrations at the Kulturbrauerei …